Saturday, November 17, 2007

progress of surrender

so today at ys was a pretty good one...yes i know, quite the intriguing opener. didn't do much today. i am finding myself avoiding the actual "training" part of this event. while i recognize the need to continue the education (that is the budget line item) it seems as though god is doing some other stuff through this time. i did however buy what seems like an exorbitant amount of credits to download seminar mp3 which lends at least a little integrity to my presence here this week. i think it'll be an interesting thing to download some good stuff for our ministry team...i suppose this is the beginning of a library dedicated to equipping volunteers. this excites me more than anything i could glean from a seminar while i am here. tomorrow i think i will check out a couple seminars on middle school ministry and spend some time doing some personal reflection and seeking.

on another note, it seems there has been a massive invasion of mid-riff bearing, short skirt wearing, blue eye shadow sportin' munchkins that are here for a cheer leading competition. two items of note here...while making the brief stop to partake of the insane acrobatic spectacle through the concourse windows, a buddy happened to ask a certain conservative univ. rep who was winning in the cheer leading match...she blankly responded "i don't know?", which in itself was amusing. some remarks were made about the late jerry fallwell and his relative positioning in the hierarchy of those who might be closest to the divine followed by a brief dating history of said rep and her relation the the late jerry fallwell's son...don't really know why i am sharing this, but i was amused. those who do not fall into the amiable personality category always amuse me in ways that lead me to an envious place, wishing i had the gaul to say many of the things i think. probably best as i would get into trouble if i opened my mouth as often as i'd like.

second item of the cnn center for lunch. witnessed two of said cheer leading munchkins get up to leave. the girls did a good thing and began to clean up their our amazement, the adult that was present stopped them from picking up their mess and said these words: "don't do that...they have people who get paid to do that." astounding...what a tragically beautiful window of explanation into so many of my struggles with youth culture. we are teaching our students some strange behaviors...maybe i am just getting old.

long day...pointless post...still seeking surrender...glimpsed it through "worship" this evening with Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin this evening. thank you god for hope is in you alone.

last thought...i miss my wife and daughter


gavin richardson said...

that is an odd scene (at lunch).. i'd make a few sarcastic comments (actually started typing some) but it is neither constructive or loving. so i will just be sad and continue to pray for our youth communities.. and maybe their parents

Anonymous said...


I am impressed.